Optimist's Cookbook

by Akil Nadir

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released January 1, 2014

Tracks #1-3 produced by Tony C for Maseed Productions; Track #4 produced by Suroc



all rights reserved
Track Name: Scarface Dreaming
I got a car with chrome on the wheels
Wood on the dash and leather upholstery
My playlist is jam after jam after jam
She understands who I am
That's how it's supposed to be

Redefining hustle, more brain less muscle
More heat, less sleep, fewer friends, less trouble
The ends gone meet, the dividends gone double
In the end less gas for the bandwagon to guzzle
If I lose some cargo, I might make it to Largo
So fair-weather friend, this is about as far as I go
Try not to slam my car door said Roderigo to Iago
Chucked up the deuce and peeled off full throttle
I don't play the lotto, don't coddle to supermodels
Carpe Diem is the motto, more Malcolm than Aristotle
I don't expect for you to be impressed by my bravado
This is who I am naturally, knowledge papa passed to me
Wisdom mama had for me, understanding the path for me
The moon reflect the light of the sun, the earth attracted to its gravity
From here you see the stars in the galaxy
That's 360 degrees of fact actually

I had a dream, like Martin Luther King
Chocolate and cream in a jam packed arena
Singing along to a song I wrote about love

Well is the black man God or a goddamn fraud?
A demagogue pointing fingers at the synagogue?
A pseudo revolutionary looking for Leningrad?
I'd rather eat my dinner where the stars and the winners are
My slim physique was not built for the prison yard
Isn't it odd? A black man professing he isn't hard
But yet my heart don't pump no Kool-Aid, my dues paid
Still you half-stepping on my blue suedes
That's why I got two shades, turn the other shoe on em
Like the revolutionary Jew on em
Come back 3 days later fresh and brand new on em
Stuntin like Tom Cruise on em, I got em, you want em
I'm headed to the promise land, are you coming?
Pied Piper to the dead beat daddy and loose woman
Who trying to do something? You and your crew fronting?
I'm in the coupe sunk in the seat with The Roots bumping
I shall proceed and continue
To the next venue despite all that I been through
When I ascend to the height that I was meant to
It's as if the Voltron lions assembled
And I'm a symbol of what you can achieve
When you believe in the dreams you were destined to conceive

I got a girl with chocolate thighs
Natty dreadlocks, purple lips, white teeth and pretty Victoria Secret draws
I got a crib with windows for walls
12 foot ceilings and mahogany floors
And a fountain that reads The World Is Yours!

Scarface Dreaming in my Northeast apartment
On the balcony overlooking Brookland
(Repeat 4X)
Track Name: Lost in Love
I got a love jones burning in my soul
All consuming taking control of me
I'm out of control, somebody help me
I'm out of control, Lord have mercy

Natural mystic, black radical misfit
Fraternize with rabble and I dabble in mischief
Google me if you missed it, Wikipedia, Ixquick
Dogpile my raw style, all files and Twitpics
Triple explicit, lyrically Jake Steed
The way I make the beat break bleed, please take heed
I do not make music to make cheese
I still love hip hop but hate these fake Gs
If you flip or play keys, keep it one hundred
Not a coke chef but I shepherd the unwanted
Imhotep to the blunted and disgruntled
If the truth is what you wanted, son, I brung it by the bundle
But keep it on the humble, it's funneled under the tunnels
A secret that's only mumbled in the streets of the jungle
Where the dreams and the herb get crumbled in the same jay
Lames say its hopeless, I don't see it the same way


From dawn to dusk it's a must i hustle
Tussle with love and lust, it only toughens the muscle
But I'm befuddled by the puzzle, I struggle
Like I'm smuggling a drug in the lining of the duffle
Maybe I need a muzzle
I never been accused of being subtle
Find trouble like hog hunting for truffle
I tighten my belt buckle, ready for bare knuckle
Brawling with my calling, it is frightening and hard
Like I'm fighting with God, and I ain't liking them odds
So I'm writing them bars to enlighten them brauds
I'm invite em abroad, I'm a lightening rod
On the mic I'm a God, I decipher the cards
Damn right I'm in charge like I got life on the yard
Yeah I'm out to get mine but I still fight for the cause
Can't be happy with mine if you still fighting for yours
We get victory together like Mike and them boys
It's all love!

Track Name: The Glass House
We gone crawl, and we gone walk
And we gone fly far away from here
And if we fall, well then we fall
But we gone try until the day we die, my dear
We got nothing to lose but our fear
And all we got to give is blood, sweat, tears
The end is near and this is clear
Crawl, walk, fly, blood, sweat, tears

Remarkable Aston Martin flow
Pockets are Hyundai but growing like fungi
In a petri dish until I dig a deeper ditch
Then dig myself out with a scheme, slightly evil-ish
Somewhat diva-ish, my rider says escovitch
And Glenfiddich scotch whiskey, one fifth in either fist
Pace is feverish, I lost a lot of time
Daydreaming instead of getting on my grind
You know the feeling
The limit is the ceiling, that's if you in the building
What if you outdoors or in a house without doors?
Without walls, without floors?
If you about yours how could they doubt yours?
Who is here without flaws?


Shh. My life is calling…
"Claude, I'm waiting for you
Saved a plate for you, ice cream and cake for you."
I'm coming, life!
Last night I dreamed about you.
The real world is hard enough to kick the semen out you
But they don't hate you, they just caught up in the cycle
Chasing paper and more prestigious titles
You gotta listen
Father forgive him, don't mind my brother, he ignorant
He simple-minded, he don't mean no harm, he limited
All he sees is what money buys, he short-sighted
But he still empty on the inside, he can't hide it
So he buy something shiny, a little vroom vroom
Nobody love him, he be paying for the poom poom
And she's a beautiful circus sideshow
Hot-to-trot Hottentot with a wide-load
They both searching for something that doesn't exist
But in a way they both innocent as second cousin kiss
But what would life be if it wasn't this?
What kind of hunter want a gun that doesn't miss?
The purpose is the journey, not the destination
And we are all running late for supper with Satan


Christian, Muslim or Jew, Buddhist or Hindu
Who doesn't reap the benefits of evil men do?
The diamond in your wife's ring cost a hundred lives
Nothing compared to the look of love in her eyes
Sweatshops full of teenage seamstresses
So your kids can have 200 dollar jeans for Christmas
Posters of Barack Obama on the wall
He kill 1000 Pakistanis with a phone call
Your son got a partial scholarship to Catholic school
The headmaster want some head in collateral
He got a bad attitude, they keep him after school
And that's what happens when you cannot pay the balance due
Whose hands ain't bloody? Let's conduct a study
Pour me another shot of Cutty while I rap to my buddy
Buddy! Remember me, from Alice Deal
At recess we exchanged words on the field
You and your mans tried to jump me at the bus stop
I gave you a black eye before I finally dropped
We was just a few blocks from my mom's house
Getting mollywhopped, on the ground, and stomped out
Certain memories you can never forget
Seems like the harder you try then the harder it gets
Like the pain and the shame of a beat down
You can chose to retaliate or either leave town
Or you can stand your ground like Nadir did
Squared off at the bottom like a pyramid
Left foot forward, knees bent, guards up
And no friends got called up to squad up
No shots fired, no charges brought up
Just me scared to death with both fists balled up

Track Name: Bright White Light
Jimmy Superfly Snuka off the top rope
Regular rappers trying to wrestle what I wrote
I never wrote what I wrote, memorized by rote
I'm not fly, I'm high, why smoke?
Walking on water while they travel by boat
How is life about money when we all die broke
Some flirt with it, some try to work with it
Some go to church with it in the 61st minute
I guess that's why the hearse tinted
Life is short but its deep, I'm immersed in it

And I call see, and I can see is the rest of my life (Repeat 3X)
And I can see is the bright white light

Hard like O'Shea, Lorenzo and Eric
Or pushing out a baby while you laid up in the stirrups
A long line of coke and a tall cup of syrup
On the ledge of Pimp C's hotel suite terrace
If the meek shall inherit the earth, what do the wicked get?
When and if this is the big one, Elizabeth?
And is the incentive commensurate
With all the pain and suffering we visited
Upon our fellow idiots, all infatuated with
The meaning of success within a 10-block radius?
If that's the case, I'm the leader of the pack then
Especially if the pack is packed with passive black men
My aggression's a lesson to teach em how to act then
Counter-act pervasive apathy with action
I'm positive my passion will positively impact them
Like a powerful Mac 10
Power to empower the powerless
Devour the cowardice, our power trip's
Analogous to drowning in the shallowest puddle of sour piss
Now how's my analysis
Measure up to palaces, callouses, fallaces, dialysis?
Blow it out your chalices, go ask your Alices
For directions out of this wonderland of childishness
Yet we are challenged with insurmountable challenges
It all amounts to this: love and life in the balances